The Nesvík facility, hosting the lump fish production.


P/F Fiskaaling conducts experimental farming of marine fish species and seaweed in basins on-land. Seawater, that is taken in and used during the process, is sanitized before it’s returned into the ocean, in accordance with existing regulations.


The Aqua Centre in Nesvík consists of land-based basins, in which marine species and seaweed is farmed. 

The Sjódepilin employs 3 carers, 1 technician and one manager, in addition to the involved researchers, who conduct practical studies on site for short or long periods of time.


Name Position Telephone Email
Jóannes Guttesen Head of Department +298 77 47 69>
Sólvá Samuelsen Animal handler +298 77 47 71>
Sverre Müller Engineer/animal handler +298 77 47 95>