About Fiskaaling

P/F Fiskaaling (Fiskaaling Ltd.) is a limited Company, owned by the Faroese government in accordance with Law of the Løgting No. 73 of 25 May 2009:

  • To research, develop and advise within the farming of water-based animals and plants and within biotechnology.
  • To conduct commercial activities within this field of activities and
  • Other related activities

Our vision is: Knowledge for Sustainable Aquaculture.

On this basis, Fiskaaling employs provident, quality research that aims to build internationally recognized knowledge for sustainable aquaculture. This work is designed to benefit the aquaculture industry and Faroese economy, too.

As an independent company, Fiskaaling provides services that the aquaculture industry may utilise in its operations. Knowledge generated at Fiskaaling also serves to inform the world that Faroese industry operates in compliance with international terms regarding animal welfare, production, environment and sustainability.

The purpose of the research work at Fiskaaling is to develop knowledge about aquaculture and other affairs that pertain to aquaculture. A particular emphasis is on producing knowledge that serves to develop sustainable Faroese aquaculture.

Fiskaaling has three farming licences: in Skopun, við Áir and in Nesvík.