Sea trout

P/F Fiskaaling has initiated a Citizen Science project with an added incentive of winning 10,000 DKK. 


To participate, you need to catch a trout, and post scale samples and measurements to Fiskaaling. The draw is on 8 December, but Fiskaaling must have received the sample on 1 December 2023. For further instructions, please contact Fiskaaling. 


The Project

Our current knowledge about sea trout in Faroese lakes and ocean is limited. In collaboration with the Faroese Aquaculture Association, this project aims to build new, basic knowledge about sea trout with an emphasis on these issues:

  • To determine the time when smolt ventures to sea.
  • To highlight the condition of the smolt with respect to length, weight, physical appearance and age.
  • To compare the travel pattern to sea with respect to ocean temperatures and currents.
  • To produce adequate procedures for collecting mature sea trouts and, then, to explain possible differences in well-being and the composition of sea trout over a number of years.

The project is divided into two parts: 1) to determine when sea trout smolt swims to sea and 2) the well-being of adult sea trout between years.


These are initial test projects, allowing for relevant adjustments. The size of the ocean as opposed to local rivers presents a very particular challenge for the project.


The first part of the project is conducted spring to summer 2019 in the river “Sandá” in Tórshavn. The subsequent part of the project is to develop a practice for collecting adult sea trout in adequate quantities and sizes. This is the most challenging part because there have been no previous attempts to catch adult sea trout in the ocean around the Faroe Islands.


We hope to identify three to five locations, where we may catch trout once a month to be examined for well-being and age. Also, the trout are examined for various diseases and lice. This part of the project commenced in the autumn of 2018.


Please contact Dr. Kirstin Eliasen, head of department and researcher