Technology and Environment

The department for Technology and Environment works with technological and environmental aspects of aquaculture.


Salmon farming is an expanding industry around the world, and new types of aquaculture are being developed. The department conducts research in Faroese conditions with a view to support sustainable growth in the farming industry.


The main difference between aquaculture in the Faroe Islands and the countries around us is our limited area available for fish farming. Faroese farm areas are few and in close proximity to each other. Current projects aim to investigate the option of open sea aquaculture.


Research is also conducted in wave and current conditions in and between the aquaculture areas, and to assess living conditions for the fish.


Other projects include researching biological conditions, such as the number of lice in the areas, oxygen condition in the fiords, and the effect of organic materials.


Name Position Telephone Email
Agnes Mols Mortensen Biologist, PhD +298 774 772>
Ása Johannesen Biologist, PhD +298 77 47 64>
Birgitta Andreasen Chemist, PhD +298 774 752>
Eirikur Danielsen Biologist, BSc, PG.Dip. +298 77 47 56>
Erna Olsen Oceanographer, MSc +298 77 47 59>
Gunnvør á Norði Head of Department. Biologist, PhD +298 77 47 35>
Heðin Abrahamsen Engineer, MSc +298 77 47 01>
Jessica Di Toro PhD student, MSc +298774791>
Jógvan Fríðálvur Hansen Engineer +298 77 47 30>
Jóhannus Kristmundsson Engineer, Cand.Polyt. +298 77 47 54>
Sissal Vágsheyg Erenbjerg Geophysicist, PhD student +298 77 47 39>
Tróndur Kragesteen Engineer, PhD +298 77 47 36>
Tróndur T. Johannesen Head of Dept., mathe-matician, Cand.Scient. +298 774 753>