Sundalagið - a Research Model

The project is about developing an ocean model system, based on ROMS and NorKyst. The device, which is being developed in collaboration with Fiskaaling and Havforskningen in Bergen, is called FarCoast. It will be used to map the current flow conditions in Sundalagið.

Sundalagið is used as an example of a fjord where a model study is carried out of the replacement of water in the sound. The model takes into account how wind and wind speed, as well as the bottom structure of Sundalagið affect the current flow conditions and the replacement.

The model study is conducted with the ROMS system, which is both known and suitable for this purpose. The Faroese simulation, called FarCoast, is done with inspiration from the Norwegian fjord model North Coast, which is also a well-known and appropriate system. It is believed that Norwegian and Faroese conditions will be comparable in a number of areas.

The FarCoast setup for the Sundalagið is divided into three different simulations, such as 800m, 160m and 32m.


Contact person: Sissal V. Erenberg