A Lot of Activity at Fiskaaling

RESEARCH: in the last few years Fiskaaling has seen a lot of development in the areas of research and development and has made large investments in developing research skills and research environments.

The work carried out by Fiskaaling Ltd. is increasingly concerned with research, development, and consultancy, in addition to providing various services to the aquaculture industry.

At the moment, about 20 different ongoing projects are being conducted at Fiskaaling. These span from research in bacterial cultures of biofilters at smolt farms to research on how, for instance, sea farming equipment holds up in exposed sea farming areas.

Fiskaaling has built up a high-quality professional competence, which enables the company to offer various knowledge-based services and consultancy tasks for the Faroese aquaculture companies as well as other parties including authorities. The company can today offer multiple services to the aquaculture industry. For instance, current and wave measurements, lice trawling, lice counting, lumpfish monitoring, AGD inspections, molecular-biological surveys, biofilter monitoring etc.

The most important reason for the development and the foundation supporting the basic budget of work in research and development is the grant, which Fiskaaling receives annually from the National Treasury of the Faroe Islands. The company also applies for financial support and co-financing from various funds, systems, and private companies for research and development projects.

Fiskaaling’s most demanding service is lice counting. When the executive order on monitoring and curtailing of lice on farmed fish was changed in 2016, there was a significant increase in the frequency of lice counting and in the number of sea farming cages included in the count. Today it is a requirement that there must be an at least biweekly lice count of 10 fish from each sea farming cage. This means that people from Fiskaaling are paying visits to each individual sea farming cage at least fortnightly.

Should anyone wish to learn more about the work of Fiskaaling Ltd., they are welcome to call on Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, director, at tel. no. +298 77 47 47.