Amanda Vang New Head of Department

Fiskaaling Ltd. has appointed Amanda Gratton Vang to be Head of the Biotechnology Department.

Amanda Gratton Vang holds a PhD in Biomedical Science. Amanda is an accomplished researcher, and she has extensive experience as a project leader. She has published numerous article in recognized scientific journals, and she is an experenced advisor for Bachelor and Master students.

As Head of Department, Amanda will be part of Fiskaaling’s executive group, which is responsible for organising the general framework for future research, securing interdepartmental collaboration at Fiskaaling, and to fascilitate human resource development.

The Biotechnology Department at Fiskaaling conducts a variety of complex and advanced operations. With state-of-the-art PCR-, qPCR- and sequencing equipment the Biotechnology Department is able to quantify and identify DNA. This equipment has been used to determine what bacteria is found in and on fish, conducted gender tests of salmon, tested for amoeba and parasites that may have negative impact on the salmon. Also, biofilters have been tested for active bacteria in smolt stations.

Fiskaaling Ltd. operates with long term quality research, aiming to build internationally recognized knowledge for sustainable aquaculture.