First Humpback Salmon Caught

Research: Monday evening on 22 July, Mr. Árni á Dul caught the first humpback salmon, which he passed on to Fiskaaling for further studies in connection with the research project about humpback salmon. The fish was caught in the fjord Kaldbaksfjørður. Only the male fish acquire the characteristic hump. This specimen weighed 1780 gr. and it was 56.8 cm long. The humpback salmon will now undergo further studies to determine its general condition. It is important to determine if the fish carries any disease that may be a threat against the Faroese salmon industry.


The knowledge about humpback salmon in the Faroe Islands is very limited. This is why Havbúnaðarfelagið (the Faroese Association of Fish Farmers) has asked Fiskaaling to study the situation regarding humpback salmon in the Faroe Islands. The study will register the number of caught humpback salmon, examine for disease, and determine whether the humpback salmon has started spawning in the Faroe Islands.


Fiskaaling is not equipped to fish humpback salmon. Instead, anyone, who catches a humpback salmon, is encouraged to pass it on to Fiskaaling so the necessary research may be done. In return, Fiskaaling will compensate for the fish.


It is imperative that the fish is as whole and fresh as possible, i.e. not cut open or frozen.


Any further questions can be addressed to Fiskaaling on telephone +298 774 703 or on email