Fiskaaling, Tari og Hiddenfjord in Algae dDcumentary

Faroese algae production is part of a TV documentary, produced by Arte TV, which is part of the famous German magazine Der Spiegel. The documentary, called “Algae, an unknown resource”, airs tonight on Aret TV and other European stations at 21:45 CET.

The documentary, which is partly filmed on location in the Faroe Islands, points to the research made by Fiskaaling, sp/f Tari and Hiddenfjord conduct here. The film explores the vast potential of algae production and development as food, fuel, medicine and much more.

The director is Ms Almut Faass.

The Documentary introduces the film in this way: Algae - they pollute our beaches and pollute our waters. Is that only half the truth? Can they replace oil and create a world without plastic, cure diseases and feed the world? The exciting documentation shows what scientists and researchers are already making reality of it today.

Algae are more than the gooey, green stuff on the beach and in our waters. There would be no life without algae, neither in the oceans nor on earth. What makes it a super fabric? And what is possible with them? The fuel of the future? A world without plastic? A world in which we can breathe the air of our cities again? A world where the blind can see again?

Incredible - but already a reality.

Algae are probably the most adaptable and most fertile organisms on earth. They are billions of years old and the origin of our existence. There are micro and macro algae: microscopic or over 60 meters long. They live in the sea and in fresh water. They grow through photosynthesis: produce oxygen and bind climate-damaging CO2. Every second oxygen molecule in the atmosphere is formed by algae. Researchers estimate that there are more than 400,000 different species.

Algae are an important food. Their ability to produce oil could make them a substitute for fossil fuels. However, algae also have the potential to revolutionize medicine, because they produce an enormous variety of unique, biologically active substances. Scientists worldwide are working on decoding their as yet unknown active ingredients.

You are making groundbreaking discoveries. The documentary “Algae, an Unknown Raw Material” takes viewers on an exciting research trip to one of the most fascinating raw materials of the future.