Fiskaaling Contribution to Danish Macro Algal Flora

Research: Today, the new Danmarks Havalger (Macro Algal Flora of Denmark) is published. Agnes Mols Mortensen, researcher at P/F Fiskaaling, has contributed with the chapter on the red algal order Bangiales.

The book is published by the Royal Danish Society of Sciences and Letters. The Academy’s fundamental purpose is to strengthening of the position of scholarship in Denmark, particularly that of basic science and of the promotion of inter-disciplinary understanding. These objectives are to be archived by holding meetings and issuing publications through international collaboration and by consultative activities. Also, the Academy organizes public lectures with outstanding international researchers and the Academy both organizes and houses many symposiums.

The new Danmarks Havalger is arranged in two volumes of 868 pages. The chapter, written by Agnes Mols Mortensen, is in the first volume. There are 165 different Macro Algal species in volume 1, and 208 different species in volume 2.

Danmarks Havalger is edited by Ruth Nielsen and Steffen Lundsteen. Ruth Nielsen was part of the comprehensive Biofar-project in the Faroe Islands in the late 1990s, and she took part in the survey of the near-shore flora. Ruth Nielsen was Agnes Mols Mortensen’s advisor for her bachelor and masters projects.

Agnes Mols Mortensen will take part in the official presentation of the book at the Royal Danish Society of Sciences in Copenhagen on 20 November 2019.

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