Fiskaaling on International Cooperation - The Way to Results

Research funding: At the Atlantic Fair 2019 in Klaksvík there were presentations about grants possibilities for international research purposes. Here, Mr. Bjartur Jacobsen explained about the SureAqua project, which includes Fiskaaling among its partner organisations.


Mr. Jákup Sørensen from NORA (Nordic Atlantic Cooperation) explained how the organisation funds innovative persons or companies in Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands or coastal Norway. The aim is to develop ideas and expertise by bringing together partners in the NORA region that are dealing with similar challenges.


Ms Maria Húsgarð from the Faroese Research Council explained about the possibilities for taking part in Horizon 2020 and NordForsk. She pointed out that apart from the money, this is about getting access to international expertise. This, in turn, will develop Faroese expertise and strengthen Faroese organisations and companies that participate in this network.


Mr. Bjartur Jacobsen is a chemistry engineer with a major in sustainable production and utilisation of biological materials. At Fiskaaling, Bjartur Jacobsen examines the conditions for sustainable aquaculture in the fjord of Sørvágur. This is part of the Nordic SureAqua project, which aims to secure sustainability in the aquaculture industry – the so called Blue Bioeconomy. This economy builds on sustainable resources from the ocean, e.g. seaweed and fish, to produce everyday goods for the modern day consumer market.


For example, seaweed may be converted into glycogen, which can serve as fuel substitute, nutrients for animal feed, and fibers for bioplastic.


The SureAqua project aims to generate knowledge and technology to support this type of economy.


IMTA (Integrated Multi-Tropic Aquaculture) is about utilising fertilizer ions and excrement that are emitted from the farm cages by, e.g. growing seaweed and blue mussels, thus reducing pollution of the sea. At the same time, the seaweed and blue mussels will grow faster, while being useful in the blue bioeconomy.


Research grants from NordForsk makes such Nordic cooperation between organisations and companies possible. In the Faroe Islands, Luna Ltd. is an important industry partner in this project.


Mr. Eilif Gaard, director of the Faroe Marine Research Institute, made closing remarks about the importance of international cooperation for Havstovan (the Faroe Marine Research Institute).


In fact, research projects generate the necessary financial strength to attract more people to work with taska that generate professional expertise and development, which the greatly benefits the institute. External finance represents approximately one third of Havstovan’s financial basis.


The director pointed out, that research cooperation is a good example of how “one plus one can make more than two!”


Fiskaaling continues working with a number of different international projects, such as SureAqua.