Minister of Industry and Trade Visits Fiskaaling

The Faroese minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Helgi Abrahamsen, paid a visit to Fiskaaling this morning.

The minister was greeted by Fiskaaling CEO, Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, and the Board Chairman, Kristoffur Laksá, and the Fiskaaling employees.

This is the minister’s first visit to Fiskaaling since the general election on 31 August 2019. The aim of the visit was to present Fiskaaling’s key operations and services to the political authorities.

The departments of Biotech, Fish Health and Technology & Environment presented their respective areas of operations. The activities center around research and services pertaining to aquaculture. Research projects are usually conducted in cooperation with the industry, foreign partners, and with research programmes from Norway, the EU and the Granskingarráðið of the Faroe Islands.

Knowledge about sea lice represents an untiring and important part of the research work of Fiskaaling which aims to address the welfare of the salmon. Also, sea currents studies are conducted in order to produce knowledge about e.g. the possibilities for aquaculture in open water conditions.

Jóhanna Lava Køtlum pointed out that Fiskaaling’s primary object is to produce knowledge to ensure a sustainable aquaculture industry in the Faroe Islands. Fiskaaling utilises research and results to produce even better knowledge for the benefit of the Faroese aquaculture industry.

Helgi Abrahamsen, minister of Aquaculture, was pleased with the information about Fiskaaling’s extensive and important operations.

The minister was accompanied by the permanent secretary, Mr. Herálvur Joensen, and the director of the department of industry, Mr. Pól E. Joensen.