Piece on Fiskaaling in International Science Media

VIDEO INTERVIEW: a tweet by a researcher at Fiskaaling led to an international science media outlet, Verge Science, gaining an interest in the work on the Faroe Islands in fish welfare, and therefore making a video piece on the subject. The piece, which currently has 98,000 views, is based on an interview with Ása Johannesen, who works as a researcher at Fiskaaling.

A journalist at the international media outlet Verge Science recently saw the tweet by Ása Johannesen, where she stresses the importance of working for continually bettering fish welfare regarding aquaculture – for instance with attempts to overcome the louse problem.

In a video piece just over four minutes long Ása Johannesen explains her work at Fiskaaling, where, among other things, she researches lumpfish, which are used in the war on salmon lice.

See the interesting video piece, which currently has 98,000 views, at this link: https://twitter.com/verge/status/959701755293347840