Sea Lice Conference International 2022

Fiskaaling was this year’s host of “Sea Lice Conference International”

Fiskaaling hosted in May the scientific conference on sea lice. The “Sea Lice Conference International 2022”, is a gathering of researchers and scientists around the world, providing them with a platform to share the newest research within sea lice, fish welfare, lice biology, medicinal and non-medicinal treatments against sea lice and other topics, essential to the aquaculture industry.

The conference aims to bring together renowned researchers, authorities and the industry within the realm of the Aquaculture industry, Universities and supporting research facilities, to enabled better communication and universalization of the science behind sea lice on a global scale.

Approximately 240 participants made their way to Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands, to attend this year’s conference, which was held at the Nordic House Conference Center between May the 9th, through the 13th 2022. The main topics of this year’s conference were:

  1. Sea Lice Biology
  2. Modelling and epidemology
  3. Genetics and genome
  4. Medicinal treatment
  5. Non-medicinal treatment
  6. Fish welfare
  7. Wild fish interaction
  8. Management; Policy and legislation

The past few weeks since hosting the conference, we have made an effort to preserve and publish videos of some of the conference presentations on video, through Fiskaalings YouTube channel.

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