Seeking new Head of Department

The Technology Department at Fiskaaling Ltd aims to increase the understanding of the oceanographic environment and conditions in Faroese fjords and aquaculture sites. Aquaculture is an ever-developing field constantly being presented with new challenges. Consequently, there is a perpetual need for new knowledge and information.

Fiskaaling has a history of producing cutting-edge research and is proud to host several PhD students. Much of the research carried out in the technology department is both fundamental science and highly applicable to industry, allowing the department to work closely with farmers in mutually beneficial collaborations. Work carried out for industry includes predicting currents in fjords, advising on equipment specifications, and where to locate farms.

The team, currently counting six people, spends much time collecting data in the field on board our research vessel using several ADCPs, a CTD, wave buoys, and various other equipment. Due to the varied nature of the work carried out, the staff have a wide range of skills and subject areas that they focus on.

The Head of Department is responsible for organising and leading scientific activities, including launching projects and securing funding, while ensuring a healthy and productive work environment. Additionally, they are expected to be a leading researcher in their field, participating in ambitious international and national research collaborations, producing scientific articles as well as more informal reports and guidance for industry and authorities.

The HoD is a member of Fiskaaling’s executive group, which is responsible for organising the general framework for future research, securing interdepartmental collaboration at Fiskaaling, and to facilitate human resource development.

At Fiskaaling you will be presented with an interdisciplinary research environment, producing knowledge for sustainable aquaculture. The research goals of Fiskaaling include:

  • Sustainable utilisation of farming fjords
  • On-land aquaculture
  • Fish welfare
  • Lice and diseases
  • New production methods- including exposed farming

The successful candidate has an academic degree (preferably at PhD level) in oceanography, engineering, or similar. The HoD is expected to have extensive experience in near shore oceanography. Solid experience from working with salmon farming, and with farming in exposed areas is preferable.

Additionally, the HoD is expected to be a seasoned project leader and dedicated to producing results, although conditions may be challenging and unpredictable. They have determination and vision to develop knowledge for sustainable aquaculture and are a skilled communicator. The HoD should be organised, service minded, helpful, and an asset among their colleagues at Fiskaaling.

Your application should be addressed to, no later than 22 March 2020. Please enclose relevant documents and credentials, including CV and a limited list of highlighted publications. For more information, please contact Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, CEO, on phone +298 774 747 or at

Remuneration and conditions are according to agreement between the candidate and Fiskaaling. This is a full-time position, starting as soon as possible, although we are prepared to wait for the right candidate.

Fiskaaling is a limited company, owned by the Faroese government, dedicated to:

  • Research, development and advice within the farming of water-based animals and plants and within biotechnology;
  • Conducting commercial activities within this field of activities, and
  • Other related activities

Fiskaaling employs around 30 people in 4 departments: Fish Health, Biotechnology, Environment, and Technology.

Building on our vision ‘Knowledge for Sustainable Aquaculture’ we are dedicated to quality research that aims to build internationally recognized knowledge for sustainable aquaculture.

As an independent company, Fiskaaling provides services for the aquaculture industry. Knowledge generated at Fiskaaling also serves to inform the world that Faroese industry operates in compliance with international terms regarding animal welfare, production, environment and sustainability.