Teasers from Fiskaaling

Researchers from Fiskaaling presented 4 teasers at the annual Aquaculture Conference in Tórshavn, organized by the Faroese Fish Farmers’ Association. These are short and concise presentations about the following subjects:

  • Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture
  • Waves and Currents in Faroese Fjords
  • Farcoast 800 – a model for the Faroe Islands
  • The Sea Lice Life Cycle

Agnes Mols Mortensen, PhD, has establish that integrated seaweed and salmon farming does not absorb significant parts of the nutrients from the salmon farming activities. However, the experiments do establish that conditions for seaweed farming are very good in Faroese fjords.

Tróndur Johannesen, Cand. Scient., explained about the project, commissioned by the Environmental Agency, to compile a comprehensive outline of current analyses in Faroese fjords. The result is a currents and waves atlas, including multiple measurements and reports.

Sissal Vágsheyg Erenbjerg, PhD student, presented the FarCoast800 project, which is designed to produce models for the ocean around and in between the Faroe Islands. The model helps producing data, enabling predictions for dynamics and water exchange in the fjords. There are several applications for the model, e.g. predicting spreading patterns of salmon lice.

Kirstin Eliasen, PhD and head of department, presented a world exclusive short film about the Sealice life cycle, demonstrating the different development stages in the life om the salmon lice. The film will undoubtedly be a good help for those who wish to acquire a better understanding of this particular little creature.