Granskarar frá Fiskaaling vísa, hvussu streymur ferðast í sjógvi við ymiskum saltinnihaldi.

Fiskaaling on Researchers’ Wake in Tórshavn

Researchers’ Wake: On Friday 20 September, Fiskaaling is taking part in the annual Researchers’ Wake in Tórshavn which is a very popular science festival. Fiskaaling will present – show and tell – about sex determination of salmon and about currents around the Faroe Islands.

Researchers’ Wake starts in the Sjóvinnuhúsið, part of the University of the Faroe Islands, at 8 in the morning till 5 pm with a variety of interesting presentations from almost all disciplines for young and old.

Fiskaaling has two stands on the balcony inside the Kongshøll. Here, researchers will show how you determine the gender of a real salmon. Then, they will go on to explain about the new method that Fiskaaling has developed to determine the sex. This method is of great importance to the salmon industry, as they will explain in more detail on the day.

In the other stand researchers will demonstrate how currents move in water with different salinity. This is demonstrated in a small basin on a table, using colourings etc. This research, too, is very important for the aquaculture industry, e.g. when planning new aquaculture systems.

At 11:20 am Sissal V. Erenbjerg, PhD student at Fiskaaling, is presenting a speed-presentation in a competition between researchers, who get exactly 3 minutes for the presentation. Last year, the winner was from Fiskaaling, so needless to say, hopes are high.

Fiskaaling also took part in the Researchers’ Wake tour around the Faroe Islands. On 9 September, Ms Ása Jacobsen presented in the village of Sørvágur: Heritage in relation to animal welfare – has public perception changed?

On 11 September, Ms Agnes Mols Mortensen presented in the town of Runavík: Seaweed Farming and possibilities in co-farming.