Ráðstevnuluttakarar í St. John's, Nýfundland

Learning About Lumpfish

Learning About Lumpfish

Research: P/F Fiskaaling was invited to St. John’s in Newfoundland, to participate in the Canadian annual aquaculture conference. Ms Kirstin Eliasen, researcher represented Fiskaaling. Her presentation was about Faroese lumpfish practice and research.

Newfoundlanders are relatively new to employing lumpfish in the aquaculture industry. In order to attract international expertise to the region, the conference invites international lumpfish authorities. The conference, then, is set to benefit the participating lumpfish community in general, as well as the local aquaculture industry.

“The conference represents an exciting opportunity to learn about the most recent lumpfish research, and to meet the foremost research colleagues in the field. Fiskaaling presented valuable knowledge, and we are able to take more good knowledge with us back home,” says Kirstin Eliasen, researcher and head of department at Fiskaaling.

The conference was organized by the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association, in collaboration with the Memorial University of Newfoundland.