Royndirnar við sílafelluni í 2019 góvu nógv spennandi úrslit. Sílafellan er nú tillagað nakað, soleiðis at sílini hava betri umstøður, meðan tey bíða eftir at verða kannað.

Trout Studies in Tórshavn

Research: Fiskaaling Ltd. has installed a trout trap in the river Sandá in Tórshavn. This is part of a research project about Faroese trout.

There is very limited knowledge about sea trout in and around the Faroe Islands. In 2019, Fiskaaling launched a research project with the aim to collect basic knowledge about sea trout. This project, now, continues in 2020.

The trout trap, installed in the river Sandá, collects trout that are heading to sea. The trap is inspected each morning, and researchers measure the trouts in different ways, and take scale samples for further research.

The results, then, reveal information about when the smolt goes to sea, and about length, weight, physical condition and age, and about travel patterns and welfare.

Also, sea trout is subject to research in this project. Partly, Fiskaaling catches a certain number of sea trouts with nets. In addition, all anglers, who catch trout, are encouraged to take scale samples for Fiskaaling. All contributers will be in the draw for DKK 10,000 (tax free).

The trout trap will stand until July 2020. The project is financially supported by the Faroese Aquaculture Association.

For further information, please contact Ms Kirstin Eliasen, HoD and researcher at Fiskaaling on +298 774703 or