The Biotechnology Department conducts a variety of research projects and services, using advanced technology.


The Biotechnology Department conducts a variety of complex and advanced operations. With state-of-the-art PCR-, qPCR- and sequencing equipment the Biotechnology Department is able to quantify and identify DNA. This equipment has been used to determine what bacteria is found in and on fish, conducted gender tests of salmon, tested for amoeba and parasites that may have negative impact on the salmon. Also, biofilters have been tested for active bacteria in smolt stations.


We also have a multi-functional tool for e.g. measuring various hormones, enzymes and proteins in a sample test. This tool may also be used to indicate cortisone contents, which in turn reveal stress levels.

For further information, please contact one of the employees.


Name Position Telephone Email
Amanda Vang Head of Department., Cellular Biologist, PhD +298 774 767>
Ása Jacobsen Biologist, PhD +298 77 47 48>
Elin Jacobsen Laboratory technician +298 77 47 14>
Heidi S. Mortensen Biologist, MSc +298 774 765>
Kim Steve Gerlach Bergkvist Monitoring, PhD +298 774 708>
Margreta Dam Laboratory technician +298 77 47 06>
Margunn Lindholm Laboratory technician +298 27 83 99>