Annual Aquaculture Conference in the Faroe Islands

Fiskaaling is contributing with 8 presentations at this year’s Aquaculture Conference in Tórshavn.

The audience at the Aquaculture Conference are accostumed to learning about the latest in aquaculture research from Fiskaaling.

The first presenter from Fiskaaling was Ása Jacobsen, PhD student, presented about micro algae research in 2019. Ása has conducted research to see if certain toxic algae are present in Faroese fjords. She found 3 species, one which is not toxic but nevertheless otherwise potentially harmful to fish.

The research is set to continue in 2020.

Later, Agnes Mols Mortensen, Tróndur Johannesen, Sissal Erenbjerg and Kirstin Eliasen present 4 scientific teasers, while Heidi Mortensen will speak about Nitrite accumulations in smolt.

Finally, writer Helgi Jacobsen, who is currently writing the Fiskaaling 50 years anniversary book, will present some humorous tales from the Faroese aquaculture history.