Annual General Meeting 2021

The Annual General Meeting 2021 was held on 19 March. The Ministry of Environment and Industry, the sole owner of Fiskaaling, expressed that Fiskaaling executes its mission competently by producing knowledge for sustainable Faroese aquaculture.

Annual activities and audited books were reviewed as Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, CEO, presented the state of the limited company.

She explained how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the company’s performance in 2020, producing a loss of 624,000 DKK.

In particular, limited access to aquaculture sites interfered with regular activities. However, Fiskaaling largely continued research and service efforts. To mention a few: benthic data research, 3D hydro dynamic modelling, lice dispersion in and between fjords, lumpfish biology, sex identification and micro algae research. Also, research cooperation with institutions outside the Faroe Islands represented a substantial proportion of Fiskaaling’s activities.

2020 saw two PhD projects completed at Fiskaaling. One developed a model that shows how lice disperse between fjords and farming sites. This work continues as a model is being developed to predict expected lice levels in farming sites, based on lice counts. The other PhD project focussed on the effect of cleanliness on fillet quality.

The synergy of Fiskaaling’s research and service operations provides a base for developing new and improved knowledge that benefits the aquaculture industry.

New board members

Three board members, including the chairman, continue on Fiskaaling’s board while two new members are Fiskaaling staff representatives:

  • Kristoffur Laksá, chairman
  • Turið Mørkøre, member
  • Niels Winther, member
  • Gunnvør á Norði, staff representative
  • Ása Johannesen, staff representative

For further information, please contact Ms Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, CEO at Fiskaaling, phone +298 774 747 or mail to