New Agreement - Fiskaaling To Provide Development Aid

Cooperation: Yesterday 24 June Fiskaaling signed an egreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Industry.


The agreement is about how Fiskaaling may contribute to providing Faroese aid to developing countries. Instead of sending out cash aid, the agreement recognizes the special fields of expertise at Fiskaaling regarding research, development and councelling about farming water based animals and plants, and in biotechnology.


The plan is to invite e.g. research students to the Faroe Islands where they will be working alongside aquaculture professionals. The aim is to provide the student with special knowledge and experience that may be helpful and beneficial in the home country. Also, the student has the opportunity to contribute with new knowledge as well.


“This is a unique opportunity for Fiskaaling to bringing the UN Goals for Sustainable Development up to a practical level, while playing an active part in disseminating knowledge and expertise for aquaculture development in developing countries, wit special attention with developing ocean nations and coast nations,” said Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, director of Fiskaaling.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Industry, Mr. Poul Michelsen, also said, that: “This way, the Faroe Islands are able to contribute with concrete development aid in the form of specialized Faroese knowledge and expertise.” The minister also pointed to the opportunity at hand of building international relations between the Faroe Islands and the countries represented in this programme.


The next step will be to produce a plan of action for the programme to proceed in accordance with the intention of this agreement. Initial plans include receiving the first guests in the Faroe Islands later in 2019.


For further information, please contact Ms Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, CEO at Fiskaaling, phone +298 774 747 or mail